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Expose your business to thousands of buyers with a banner on FarmingAds.co.uk

Highly targeted

Your brand in front of the perfect audience

Bespoke messages

Reach buyers with a banner that is tailored to suit your needs

Drive new leads

Raise brand awareness and increase sales


Leader board Banner £3.00 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) + VAT

One of our top sellers our Leader board banners 728 x 90 run along the top of the website page, has amazing exposure and being fully interactive to drive traffic back to your website with a huge click through rate and raise brand awareness to customers in your target market!

Spotlight Banner: £50.00 PCM + VAT

Spotlight Banners 160 x 160 are great at delving deeper into your targeted audience. have a promotional advert placed strategically in between specific stock listings based on our visitors search. for example a sale on yard feed can be placed in the feed section of the website!

Site Takeover - £5.00 + VAT - CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)

Maximum exposure for your brand! a whole site takeover consists of the two “towers” either side of the page, so wherever a potential customer looks they are seeing your brand. another best seller this is the best way to promote your brand or message including stock reductions, sale items, shows or a specific new product. Best package for ultimate brand promotion so get your message out there with a site takeover!

Billboard Banner

The Billboard Banner product is the most premium homepage advertising option available, appearing at the top of our homepage and exposing your brand to our thousands of monthly visitors.


An MPU is similar to a leaderboard banner, but is a square shape instead of a rectangle, making it easier to fit onto a page. MPU’s are statistically more effective than leaderboard banners, and the dimensions are 300 x 250 pixels. They may be animated, and will appear on the new homepage.

Interested? Make sure you speak with the FarmingAds.co.uk sales team today to discuss how we can help you drive more leads!