• E-mails & Newsletters

Send bespoke, targeted E-mails to our engaged email database

You can send specially designed emails that have been created by our own in-house team of professionals, or a cheaper templated option. Use these emails to help build brand awareness, generate new leads and grow your own database.

Target our users in your area

A hyper local marketing approach. Only contact potential customers

Over 9,000 users in our engaged email database

Engaged and interested leads for you to market to

Whatever message you wish

New stock listed, offers, competitions, you choose the message


Templated Newsletter: £100.00 + VAT (one off)

Showcase your company on one of our popular newsletters alongside other businesses. Great for promoting yourself before big shows and fairs.

Bespoke E-mail: £250.00 + VAT (one off)

Solus E-mail consisting solely of your company brand and the specific message you want to convey. Amazing at getting targeted results, great for showing off sales, websites and new products.

Bespoke E-mail and site takeover: £250.00 + VAT (one off) £5.00 CPM - then apply a 20% discount

Ultimate Brand exposure with your company’s solo e-mail – back it up with a website takeover to increase click through rates and hit your targeted customers from all angles

Some Examples

Interested? Make sure you speak with the FarmingAds.co.uk sales team today to discuss how we can help you drive more leads!