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Here at FarmingAds we know how to help dealerships sell their stock. We have plenty of experience within the industry and have a number of advertising packages catered for a number of different needs. Take a look at the different packages we have to offer below...

Basic up to 5 Stocklistings

PRICE: £65.00 + VAT PCM

The Basic up to 5 listings package is tailored for very small business or one man bands with some but not huge amounts of stock to sell

Up to 5 stock listings all at once. All online for 30 days only.

Monthly success report including views stats and phone clicks data available to view online

Basic up to 10 stock listings

PRICE: £85.00 + VAT PCM

The basic up to 10 stock listing package is designed for small businesses, local farmers and agriculture enthusiasts

Up to 10 stock listing adverts placed online at any one time for 30 days only.

Monthly success report including views stats and phone clicks data available to view online

Basic Unlimited


Basic unlimited is like the previous basic accounts but with absolutely no cap on the amount of stock placed online for 30 days

Unlimited adverts can be placed online

Monthly success report including views stats and phone data available to view online

Premium up to 5 stock listings

PRICE: £85.00 + VAT PCM

The premium packages range are even more tailored for your needs and is designed for small businesses/dealers who want maximum exposure but for the small amount of stock they want to sell.

Always be shown above or before any basic stock listings for the same item. And with unlimited boost you can be right at the top of search results.

Monthly detailed reports sent directly to you about your listing success. statistics on profile, adverts and dealership views, along with mobile phone clicks, no hassle

Premium up to 10 stock listings

PRICE: £129.00 + VAT PCM

For those with slightly more stock to sell premium up to 10 items is for you, get maximum exposure for your adverts.

Unlimited boost available on all stock listings, always be visible above basic stock listings.

Receive monthly statistics reports on all advert views, mobile clicks and dealership clicks.

Premium Unlimited Stock listing

PRICE: £159.00 + VAT PCM

This is the Ultimate stock listing package for any dealer and business looking to get maximum exposure for all of their adverts. Unlimited adverts live for 90 days to increase advert exposure as standard. increases views and phone clicks on all stock listings!

Unlimited adverts placed for 90 days for maximum exposure

Always visible above any basic stock listing on the website relating to the same search term.

Unlimited Boost available - be on top of all relevant pages for your item, and be shown first on the home page!

Eight images allowed of the item that is selling, so you can really show off the whole package.

Monthly success reports delivered to your inbox packed with stats of page views, traffic, advert views and phone clicks.

Ad Of The Week

If you want to give an ad the biggest possible exposure, you can upgrade it to the Ad of the Week. This advert is in a premium spot at the top of the homepage, right next to the search bar.
  • Exposure to 25,000 visits a week
  • Get 10x more views on your ad
  • Advertised for 7 days

Interested? Make sure you speak with the FarmingAds.co.uk sales team today to discuss how we can help you drive more leads!