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Meet The New Farming ads Homepage

You may have noticed our homepage has had a bit of a facelift. This isn’t just a change of appearance though, we’ve made lots of improvements that provide a better experience for both our buyers and sellers, and which reinforce our website as the leader in the industry.

Mobile Responsive

Our homepage is now fully responsive, meaning users visiting our site on mobile will receive the same great experience as people visiting on the computer. This is a very important feature, seeing as over 60% of visitors to Farming ads are using a mobile phone, and will make it a lot easier for users to enquire about your stock.

Personalised Content For Users

We can now use the location and browsing history of our users to tailor what ads they see on the homepage, and will be displaying these over four sections.

One of these sections is a ‘Recommended for you’ section which will recommend ads to a user based on what they have viewed and enquired on previously. We will also be able to show local ads that are nearby to a user based on their location, as they will be more likely to enquire on these ads.


To catch anyone who was thinking of enquiring about an ad but didn’t get round to it, we will remarket your ad to them with the new ‘recently viewed’ section, which will double your chances of finding a buyer! Lastly, people will be able to easily search for the latest ads in the category of their choosing using the improved ‘Latest ads’ section.

DIG-18709-Graphics-for-new-homepage-launch_FA4 DIG-18709 Graphics for new homepage launch_FA_2

New Advertising Products

As well as these great new features, there are also several new advertising products for our business users to benefit from. We have changed some of our premium advertising options to match the current marketplace and provide the best response for our clients.

DIG17570-MemoriaAdvertisingSlots(FarmingAds)3Ad Of The Week

If you want to give an ad the biggest possible exposure, you can upgrade it to the Ad of the Week. This advert is in a premium spot at the top of the homepage, right next to the search bar. This new product will give your ad maximum exposure to over 100,000 visitors a week, and can get up to 10x more views on your ad. Find Out More

DIG17570-MemoriaAdvertisingSlots(FarmingAds) (1)

Billboard Banner

The Billboard Banner product is the most premium homepage advertising option available, appearing at the top of our homepage and exposing your brand to our hundreds of thousands monthly visitors. Find Out More



An MPU is similar to a leaderboard banner, but is a square shape instead of a rectangle, making it easier to fit onto a page. MPU’s are statistically more effective than leaderboard banners, and can be animated. Find Out More


Related Services

This is a brand new product, and one we’re very excited about. The Related Services carousel will appear on the new homepage, and will advertise a selection of agricultural partners, with a link through to the businesses website. There are a limited amount of spaces available and they are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.


We’re sure these improvements will help bring our buyers and sellers even more success on our website. Don’t worry though, we won’t stop now. Here at Farming ads we are always looking for ways to improve our website to make it easier for our users, so if you have any feedback or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Want to see it? Take a look at our new homepage now by clicking here.
To enquire about one of our new advertising products, send us a message below!

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