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New Moderation Processes Launched To Increase Buyer and Seller Security

The Farming Ads team are continuously working hard to develop ways in which we can make it safer for our customers to buy and sell farm stock on our website.

We are proud to say that we are cracking down even further on the scams and spamming problems that are a major concern for all online marketplaces, and have implemented a new moderation system that is a big step towards tackling this problem. We have put two systems in place that have been designed to protect our users even further.

  • One to flag up scam adverts
  • One to moderate the contacts that are sent to sellers through contact forms
What’s Changed

Previously we have relied on manual moderation of all areas of the website, making it very difficult to keep up with the thousands of ads being placed and messages being sent each day. We have worked hard in improving this and have now implemented automated moderation of all content (ads & messages). This means that the majority of day to day ads/messages will go through as normal however, scams/spam/dodgy sellers will be flagged up much quicker and easier based on trigger words or content, saving you time and money!

Continuous Improvement

Another great benefit of this system is that it adapts overtime and becomes more sophisticated, making for a more secure user friendly experience. The system is also capable of identifying repeat scammers by combining data across the many classifieds sites owned by the Friday Media Group network, providing our users even better security when using the website.

What to do now

Be sure to benefit from these developments and keep your communication with buyers through the Farming Ads messaging service; if you start talking with a potential customer over email, we aren’t able to protect you from scammers using our sophisticated moderation system.

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